With Eleanor Boardman in "The Silent Accuser" (1924)

"Peter" was another German Shepherd Dog who might have been as famous as "Rin-Tin-Tin" or "Strongheart" if it wasn't for a tragedy. Peter was brought from Germany in the early 1920's by his friend and master Edward Faust.

He did some small scenes in several films and was so well trained and so daring that he was called upon to perform stunts for Thunder and Strongheart. He was finally given a leading role in the movie, "The Silent Accuser" (1924).

Peter was having great success in his movie career but tragedy was soon to happen. The following is an account of what happened to Peter the Great from the book (Peter) written by Clara Foglesong in 1946.

On June 6, 1926, Peter, Edward and a couple of friends were driving to a dinner party. On the way Edward decided to stop by a friends house. (Fred Cyriacks) A friend who had played with Peter and whom Peter loved.

Edward went to the door and rung the bell. His friend answered. Suddenly loud words from Edward and his friend filled the air. Edwards friend turned, ran into the house and returned with a rifle. Edward ran to the car and started to drive away. Suddenly a shot rang out cutting through the back of the car. Another shot, this one straight in line with Edwards head. Peter knew that something was wrong and jumped toward Edward. He was struck in the neck. Peter was rushed to the hospital where for 3 days and 2 nights specialists tried to save him. Peter died with his paws in the hands of Edward.

On December 9, 1927 the Los Angeles Superior Court awarded the owners of Peter The Great, $125,000.00, to be paid by Cyriacks for killing the famous German Shepherd Dog.

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Information compiled by Dan Condon

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